Bollywood churns out the largest number of movies everywhere and ABIG Films is nothing less than proud to be a part of this industry full of music, dance, and romance. All our Bollywood movies are spiced with filmy dances, heart-wrenching storylines, and a little bit jazz.

Before we start on any project, we make sure to consider the script, budget, and acceptance by the audience for the project to be successful. That is why, we constantly look for innovative ways to tell stories that are not just accepted by all age groups, but they resonate with them as well.

In a very short span of time, we have been able to produce a wide genre of Bollywood movies, while ensuring that each one of them was handled with a unique perspective and strategic plan. At ABIG, we know that no Bollywood movie is complete without exotic movie locations and mind-blowing direction angles. That is why, we scout the right locations for you all your needs and all you have to do is look over the final list and approve a location. We also have shooting equipment ready to be used and cool post production packages which include sound and after effects.

As ABIG is in the process of becoming a full-fledged company, we are also undertaking distribution of house movies all across the globe. One of the reasons why our movies turn out to be award winners is because our creative team completely dives into the project and dedicate themselves to it. Some of our recent Bollywood movies include Happy Life, We Are Always There, and Tera Dost.

If you are an aspiring actor looking for your big break in Bollywood and wanting to make it big in the industry, go through our Job Spotlight page for acting opportunities.