As a rapidly growing leader in media and entertainment industry of the west, ABIG Films use its innovative technology and popularity to deliver rich video content to its audience. In the past, we have produced several award-winning Hollywood movies, which we are extremely proud about. Thanks to our creative team that takes a unique approach to every project, we are able to deliver video content that’s not only entertaining but motivating as well. We like to connect with our viewers and convey them a message that will impact their life.

Along with providing the best exotic location ideas for shooting, help in passing legal tenders, and shooting equipment, we also help our clients find talent that is best suited for roles in their projects. And in case your film project requires a special set, we help in developing the concept, design, and structure for that too. Thanks to our proactive, creative team for constantly giving inputs and helping to transform ideas into reality.

Our creative team consists of world renowned directors, producers, and filmmakers, who are actively involved with the projects and constantly providing inputs when needed. We also offer post production services thanks to our post production team comprising of award-winning sound directors, editors, stunt directors, and music composers. Event promotions, sales, and marketing are some of the additional services that are available for client use.

Our experience in the industry speaks for itself through our movies like Hollywood Dream, Love Story 2020, Make My Company, Political Saga, and Your Best Friend. If you have had plans for movies, but you don’t know how to go about it, then start with a consultation at a ABIG Films. In case you are an aspiring actor looking for opportunities, then go through our Job Spotlight page for more information.